• Do I Qualify For Spinal Decompression?

  • At South Valley Spinal Care we perform Spinal Decompression an FDA approved maching called the DRX9000. We have seen success in many people that have neck and back pain. In fact, this medical breakthrough has provided relief for countless people where other treatments have failed. If you are suffering from either of those you might be asking do I qualify for spinal decompression? Lets find out.

    Conditions Treated By Spinal Decompression

    If you suffer from severe low back or neck pain and have had no relief from shots, medications and other treatment modalities, then you may be a candidate for Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression. In the past, a person with disc problems were usually given pain medication, referred for physical therapy, and if they weren’t improving, they were sent for spinal surgery. Now there is another option in spinal decompression that has been proven effective in relieving the pain associated with:

    • bulging or herniated discs
    • degerative disc disease
    • sciatica
    • spinal stenosis
    • facet syndrome
    • migraines
    • whiplash

    This doesn’t mean that anyone with the above conditions will become completely pain free after Spinal Decompression treatments. You may have a combination of symptoms or a severity that requires more aggressive treatment. However, you owe it to yourself to explore non-surgical treatments before making the irreversible decision to have spinal surgery.

    Contraindications For Spinal Decompression

    Someone that presents with sciatica and bulging discs may be a perfect candidate for spinal decompression. However, there are conditions that are contraindicated, meaning they cannot receive the treatment. Those include:

    • Previous surgery on the back that includes metal plates and screws in the area to be treated.
    • Paralyzation in the arms or legs.
    • Surgical Repair of an aortic aneurysm.
    • Cancer in the affected area of the spine.
    • Severe osteoperosis in the affected area.

    The best way to determine if Spinal Decompression is right for you, is to schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Finsand. He will examine your back and review your MRI (or any imaging you have) to determine if you qualify for spinal decompression. You can also call us at 801-871-7012 to speak with our staff.